American Idol judge Paula Abdul is in talks to join Tom Petty in this year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show. The starlet, who has sold in excess of fifty million records, rarely performs anymore, but a new, non greatest hits album has been rumored for several years.

According to TV Guide, nothing is finalized but an insider close to Paula has confirmed she’s entertaining the offer. This woman is a money-making machine. Her line of jewelry recently sold out in less than a week (that’s over 30,000 sales), and her choreography talents are still highly sought after. Remember the cheerleading scene in American Beauty? That was her. Tom Hanks’ keyboard dancing in Big? Her again. And Lord knows how much she gets payed to praise everything on American Idol.

Personally, I’d rather see Tom Petty perform for the entire half hour, but if they really want Paula to play a few songs, I’d like to see a duet with MC Scat Kat. He can’t possibly have anything better to do.

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