Say what you want about the man, but Pete Doherty is one funny bastard. Shocking almost no one, the former Libertines lead singer showed up late to his own gig last night, phoning in while he was en route and offering up this soon to be legendary excuse: “(my) kittens have gone crazy. Seems quite sensible to me. Mom, I know you’re probably mad I missed curfew again, but it’s not my fault. I swear. The kittens went crazy.

According to NME, once onstage he continued babbling on like a child warding off a spanking. "Sorry I'm late. But considering I've had to bury one of my cats at the roadside I've done pretty well to be here." Hilarious. Unfortunately, a few concerned cat lovers got a little upset, and Pete’s publicist was forced to put out a press release saying the animal didn’t really die. What’s the point of having a cat if you can’t use it as an excuse every now and again?

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