Radiohead’s surprise in-store performance at Rough Trade East records in east London has been moved to a larger venue, on advice from the British fire marshal. The show was announced this morning on the band’s website and by the afternoon a large queue had formed outside the store, located in east London. Originally scheduled to begin at 8 pm, pressures from police forced the band to delay their performance until a venue more suitable for the number of people who had arrived for the event could be found, reports NME. As a result, the performance began at 9:30 at nearby 93 Feet East. The band apologized for any inconvenience to their fans in yet another post on their website (Radiohead are the Cybermen of British rock bands).

Sadly for all the lazy jerks that thought they’d cut off the crowds by showing up to the new venue early, the band also stated that only people given wristbands for the first venue would be allowed into the new one. For those who couldn’t make it in, the webcast of the performance is streaming live at

It’s very nice of Radiohead to play a larger venue for the benefit of the fans but doesn’t that sort of cancel out the appeal of an intimate, surprise appearance by a famous artist in a tiny record store? And doesn’t it negate the experience of proving your fandom by being one of a select few to experience the splendor of a world-renowned band? I bet those guys at the front of the line were pissed when they heard about this.

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