Maybe Prince’s next guitar should be in the shape of a “$” symbol. Knocking Portishead – of all acts – out of their headlining position, the Purple Prince found himself a last minute addition to Saturday night's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival this week.

An insider told Perez Hilton that the “Purple Rain” singer was being paid $4 million to show at the fest – only to be corrected by one of Prince’s peeps that it was actually $4.8 million. Just under two weeks away, The Artist Formally Known As The Artist Formally Known As Prince was added as a “late late addition" in hopes that promoters would “sell more tickets and make up for a less than stellar - in comparison to years past - roster of performers."

I’m sure knocking the only band that made any sense for this festival out of their top spot will surely help sell some tickets. I’m all for Prince, but don’t you think there was another headlining act on there that could’ve slipped a few notches down the performance hierarchy? Or, you know, fell off the face of the earth altogether?

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