Michael Jackson supposedly requested the services of Prince to open for him on an upcoming tour. Three years ago, the Purple-loving dude would have jumped at the offer; but now, with all of Prince’s newfound coolness that he so desperately wants to hold on to, a respectful bypass seems in order.

As reported by NME, Prince politely declined the King of Pop’s offer by citing he has already developed tour plans of his own later this year. Plus, it would be too much androgyny for one stage to withhold for that extensive amount of time.

A reporter claims that he overheard Jackson complaining about the apparent snub at a birthday party, then he was mortified that snow cones weren’t being served (OK, so I made that last part up). One individual at the party relayed, "Michael seemed pretty upset about it. He said he'd approached Prince to see if he would like to work together, but Prince wasn't interested."

This latest snub comes in the wake of a prior snub from producer Quincy Jones, who turned down an invitation to work with Jackson on his upcoming album. But don’t expect these snubs of Michael to be a regular thing: The guy, despite all the setbacks he’s had, is still one of the biggest things in music history and pretty soon his peers will be reminded of that.

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