Goodness, am I really getting that old? The Smashing Pumpkins are set to commemorate 20 years of being one of the best things to ever happen to music. Billy Corgan and Co. are planning a select number of shows later this summer promising special guests at certain gigs and in not so many words – because Smashing Pumpkins are worth more than just words - guaranteeing fans one of the best concert experiences they will probably ever have.

The band’s Web site read, “To celebrate the band's 20th anniversary, Smashing Pumpkins will be playing select U.S. cities in August and September of 2008. No dates or cities have been announced but expect the band to revisit a few specific places that were missed during the last U.S. tour." Rumors are already circulating that New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are at the top of the list, as is probably something like Idaho.

In addition with gracing us with their physical presence, the Pumpkins are set to deliver never-before-heard early demos and something in the form of a new single come this fall. Also look out for a DVD recounting the Pumpkins 2007 eight-night residency at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Of the demos, Corgan told "There's an audience out there that wants to hear the fourth show we ever did with the song we only did that one time. Maybe it's only 500 people, but maybe you find a way." Shucks, there are 499 people behind me?

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