SighOh, Billy Corgan. Can you do no wrong, I wonder? Between reuniting one of the best bands born out of the 1990s, last years non-stop touring (thank you for the solo acoustic version of “1979” in Toronto ::melts::) this year’s European tour starting up again in late January and putting out the first new album in seven years, you still found the time to hold us rabid fans over, even if just for a few moments.

Set to release an exclusive 4-song EP titled American Gothic via iTunes January 2, Billboard reports that you will honor us with acoustic versions of “The Rose March,” “Pox,” “Again, Again, Again,” and “Sunkissed,” which you graced some lucky fans with on the road earlier this year during your residencies in California.

As part of a deluxe version of Zeitgiest (what is this, album version 731?) you’ll give us Yanks a download-only version while the rest of the free world gets a physical copy. But I fear not, since you are making the artwork available at the day of the release as well. Thanks for contributing to my carpel tunnel and continuing to make it nearly impossible for me to exist without my MacBook.

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