Two La Quinta, Calif. couples got a hefty surprise Monday morning when they awoke to “a glob of vinyl” blanketing their neighboring driveways and front yards. Deeming it some concertgoer prank leftover from this past weekend’s Coachella music festival, each began trashing the shredded pieces of balloon before discovering – holy crap – we just chucked Roger Waters’ pig…and $10,000!

Neighbors Steve and Susan Stoltz and Judy and Patrick Rimmer retrieved the remains of the inflatable prop from their garbage cans after reading about the plea, and subsequent reward, from festival organizers for the pig’s safe return in Monday’s Desert Sun. Susan, who swears she was even wearing a “Wish You Were Here” T-shirt while browsing the article, then emailed concert organizers with the good/bad news.

Drifting nearly 11 miles southwest of the festival site, the pig was recovered and positively ID’d by Coachella organizers that day. Roger Waters himself was unavailable for comment but assumed to “probably [be] a little bummed” said producer Bill Folds about the prop which has been used for Pink Floyd concerts since 1977’s Animals. Each family is going to do the lame thing and split the $10,000, then donate it to local children music programs. Just Kidding. That isn’t lame. If it were me, however, I totally would have at least went shopping or something.

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