Rufus Wainright, this past Wednesday, spearheaded what has been described by the NY Times as a "tour de force" tribute to Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall. The concert, inspired by Garland's 1961 live album "Judy At Carnegie Hall", recereated the historic set list from start to finish and even added in some supplementary material for good measure. The legendary 1961 double album, accepted by many as one of the greatest performances in music history, won two Grammy awards for Garland before her passing in 1969.

The show was one of celebration as Wainright, backed by a full forty piece orchestra, exclaimed: "We're not in Kansas any more! We're in New York." Guest appearances were aplenty in the form of firstly his sister Martha taking center stage for "Stormy Weather". Next from the Wainright household was Kate McGarrigle to play accompanying piano on "Over The Rainbow". Then, in what can only be seen as an overwhelming seal of approval, Garland's own daughter Lorna Luft, took the stage with Rufus in a duet of "After You've Gone". Those present however, could only have taken note of the absence of Garland's other daughter, Liza Minelli.

The sold out concert ran down the hits "Puttin' on the Ritz", "The Trolley Song","The Man That Got Away" and many others. Throughout he remarked on the artists' influence on him as a performer and how he would try to, as closely as possible, pay homage to the performances he wished to celebrate. At one point during a lighting malfunction he quipped: "this didn't happen in the original!". No duh, and Carrie from Sex & The city wasn't in the audience either! Pah! Really.... such perfectionists these showbiz types.

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