Sammy Hagar has announced the launch of his own Internet radio station Cabo Wabo Radio which will be streamed from Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina in popular Spring Break destination Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The station will begin transmission on New Year’s Eve at 7 p.m. Pacific time and, according to the station’s embryonic website, will be a live broadcast of Hagar’s New Years Eve party. Thereafter Cabo Wabo Radio, “all up, all rock, all party, all the time” according to Hagar’s press release, will be available for online listening 24 hours a day. Are you excited yet?

The 60 year old Hagar is best known for his stint as lead singer for Van Halen after the departure of David Lee Roth and his chain of Cabo Wabo Cantina tequila bars, which take their name from a Hagar tune on Van Halen’s 1988 album OU182. The playlist for Cabo Wabo Radio (I’m sick of typing that, I’m just going to call it CWR from now on) will be a combination of classic cuts and high-energy rock of the type Hagar plays. Says Hagar, “The coolest thing we can do is expose fans to good music they’ve never heard before. If any radio station is going to get my attention in life, it’s going to be one where I’m going, ‘Who is this? I like that song.’ I’ll listen to that radio station all day.’ That’s what Cabo Wabo Radio is all about.”

Billed as “rock radio the way God intended” CWR will feature interviews with vacationing celebrities and live concerts from the Cantina alongside the non-stop rock. According to Blabbermouth, fans who sign up for V.I.P. membership on the CWR website will be granted access to exclusive videos, updates on new Hagar projects, and advance tickets to Hagar’s shows. Members will also be given deals on hotel accommodations in Cabo San Lucas, markdowns on popular activities such as scuba diving and golf, discounts on food and merchandise, and preferred seating at the Cabo Wabo Cantina because rock radio the way God intended it is one quarter music, three quarters tourist shill, baby.

While I can certainly get onboard with the sentiment expressed in Sammy’s 1999 song “Mas Tequila”, I’m not sure I’ll be doing the Cabo Wabo to Cabo Wabo Radio any time soon. I like my classic rock straight up without the commercial chaser and anyway, I’m more of a Maui Wowee girl myself. However, if you’re looking to get in on Hagar’s endless summer, check it out at

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