The one and only Brian Werner is back in the saddle of his Marilyn Manson persona in an attempt to, once again, shock and awe the sensibilities of the uptight establishment, a.k.a. normal people. Although I've always liked Manson a lot--his lucid intelligence and provocative outlooks can’t be dismissed--his new video, “Heart-Shaped Glasses,” really lacks depth and appears to exist for shock value alone.

The video features 38-year-old Manson with 19-year-old girlfriend/actress Evan Rachel Wood (OK, she’s 19-and-a-half) in hypersexual humping, where she definitely screams a mock sound of an orgasm. After the sex, the two hit the road to attend, why of course, a sex party. The lovely couple eventually take part in a blood-soaked romp that evokes feelings of remorse for both these people.

Evan Rachel Wood is a good, young actress and I even believe she is appealing beyond her years, but in a much more classy way. She is better than this and I’m willing to bet that the young star will wholeheartedly regret this someday. I don’t care how old her soul is, this is one youthful indiscretion that will plague her psyche for years. I’m willing to forgive her in time … OK, she’s forgiven.

Now what to do about Marilyn Manson? His biggest crime here is not subjecting someone 18 years his junior to self-debasing activities but that his song isn’t very good. It concerns me that the man who had the power to enrage the Christian Right more efficiently than the A.C.L.U. might be running out of things to say artistically.

In any case, let us know what you think. Be forewarned, this video should not be viewed by anyone under 16, as it is just too graphic for the innocent. If you are under 16 and your parents don’t care what you see on the Internet, it’s not because they trust your maturity, it’s because they don’t love you.

Check out the video for “Heart-Shaped Glasses” here, courtesy of

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