Believe it or not, it’s been 40 years since the Beatles premiered Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, a promising new direction for the band and one of the most listened to albums of all time. As a way to commemorate the occasion (and perhaps get a tad more attention) Oasis, the Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Travis and others will unite to cover the classic CD in all its glory.

Now one of two reactions has likely just hit you: intense, euphoric joy or a shortness of breath that comes from someone lodging a jackknife square between your ribs. Either way, some type of strong response is inevitable. According to Yahoo! Music, the bands will cover the tracks for a BBC2 special, which will air in the U.K. on June 2.

"This will be not only a unique radio event, but a very special musical moment. The range and quality of artists involved ensure that this will be a fitting tribute to one of the great albums of all time," says Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas.

There is no news yet about which songs will be handled by which artist. Nor is there a plan to turn the music sessions into a CD. But who are we kidding? All you need is love … and yet another possession celebrating those four shaggy-haired boys from Liverpool.

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