Once again Sharon Osbourne opened her mouth and once again, nothing important came out. But I guess if you speak in a nasal British accent at an abnormally loud volume, throwing in a few F bombs, you’ve got a good shot at being heard. According to Gigwise, Osbourne has now publicly blamed Courtney Love for her son Jack’s heroin addiction."My dislike for her is very personal. I'm not saying Jack wouldn't have taken it if she hadn't given it to him, but I'm appalled that an adult mother would give that to a 15-year-old boy. How could she do that to someone else's child?"

Time out there, Sharon. Isn’t this a bit like Carrot Top calling Dane Cook a shitty comedian? Nobody disputes that Love is essentially a walking, talking, dumpster pretending to play guitar, but it’s not like she’s eaten her children. Yet. Jack didn’t exactly have a home life that rivaled the Cleavers’ though. You might want to sit down for this one, Sharon: Your husband was a heroin addict. You were a borderline addict and a serious alcoholic. I’m pretty sure this is what psychologists call giving your child a predisposition to drugs. Not a fan of personal responsibility? So you won’t mind if we blame you for Ozzy’s career being deader that the majority of his brain cells?

Harsh, maybe. But my personal love for Love is deep and undying. Her music is horrendous, but there’s no faking her level of crazy. There’s something endearing about that. In fact, she’s probably the most genuine person in music today. All these young stars with fake problems getting busted for drunk driving or having “a usable amount” of any drug on them should hang out with Love for a night. Once they see someone shoot a syringe full of Windex, while simultaneously laughing and crying, they might rethink complaining about girls.

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