Snoop Dogg is certainly one to value musical tradition – but not in the way you probably think I mean. The Dogg is one of a handful of artists who are following the old hip-hop tradition of transforming oldie records into modern hip-hop “masterpieces,” this time choosing to remix parts of Johnny Cash’s catalogue into a 21st-century rap/hip-hop/dance record titled Johnny Cash Remixed, Music-News reported Tuesday.

Behind the effort is Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, who backed the project with the statement: “My father made his stead by defying the expected and accepted way of things.” He continued, “This is what my father was about: staying true to tradition while creating groundbreaking new music.”

The two things about this story that make me want to break a large window are 1) the reminder that as small pieces of old music are gradually transformed into hoaky, pop-friendly caricatures of themselves, the ignoramus human population forgets there was ever an original, and the intended message is squashed like the front row at Hilary Duff. Then, 2) there is a glaring logical flaw in the statement that the project is “defying the expected and accepted way of things,” because hip-hop is neither unexpected nor unaccepted – in fact, it’s the most popular form of music in the US, and if the names Puff Daddy and Danger Mouse mean anything, turning an old record into a new club-scene grope soundtrack has been done before, I’m pretty sure.

Snoop will be songsmithing his version of “Walk The Line,” which will conjure up a few “fuck yeah’s” and fists in the air, a few more Bud Lites will disappear, and the Trojan condom company’s stock will bounce a little. Will any “ground” be broken? Naw, bro.

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