First, Snoop Dogg brings his kids to soccer practice with David Beckham as part of his E! Reality TV show, complete with soul food afterward at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Now, MTV UK has heard that the rapper plans to cover Johnny Cash.

I don't care how hard you are, there is nothing less street than going on lunch dates with male models (even if they are genuine athletes) and country music (no matter how bad ass the artist may have been personally).

The D, O, double G, from LBC is of a different opinion though, claiming that the legendary man in black was a "rapper." Although I'll agree that Cash's music is "dope," and hell, "A Boy Named Sue" is pretty "gangster," arguing that his music is rap is a bit of a stretch.

Cash's music has been heavily influential and often covered, but a Snoop Dogg version would mark the first high profile (if not first in general) rap or hip hop artist taking a stab. Country music is unilaterally dominated by white people, so a black rapper covering a country song, regardless of what quality the end result, is nothing short of a revolutionary idea.

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