What a disaster. Thirty-three year old Mrs. Beckham, Posh Spice, has been reportedly battling a chest cold for over two months, and if her condition fails to improve, it could halt the Spice Girls reunion tour indefinitely. I blame America’s failing health care system. How is Victoria supposed to get adequate medical care when she’s forced to fork over a co-pay out of her own trendy fifty-thousand dollar purse? It’s appalling.

According to Music-News, the problem stems from her inability to get fit for the tour as a result of the disease. While the other four girls have been tightening their stomachs, Victoria has been forced to sit on the couch, possibly hampering her ability to perform the intricate dance numbers required for the upcoming series of gigs. If there is a God, he’ll ease her suffering immediately, spicing up her life in the process.

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