This first single off Fever In Fever Out produced Luscious Jackson's (named after a mispronounced basketball player) their first and only Top 40 Billboard chart position - landing them at number 36 in 1997. One of the videos responsible for launching me into my grunge phase - which notably took place as the fad was dying - this clip was actually shot in New York City’s World Trade Center, which was made to look like a 1960s airport.

Certified gold, the album took the all-girl quartet through Europe, Lollapalooza and Lillith Fair, none of which I was old enough to attend. I have, however, resurrected this nonchalant, drum-driven tune during early morning drives for times when the traffic report and Girl Talk mash-ups just won't cut it. Though officially calling it quits in 2000, the band reunited years later to record a children’s album in honor of their new families. Nothing, however, could beat this hit, which sparked an alternative following with four identical baby blue trench coats; two heavily highlighted blonde streaks and exactly one conniving Beastie Boy.

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