Julian Casablancas, Pharrell Williams and Santogold,who has recently been making waves across the independent scene as the poor man’s M.I.A., sure exude blatant discrepancies between them musically. But what if you threw The Strokes front man, the hip-hop producer and the rap singer together on one track? Well, someone at Converse thought this was a good idea because that’s exactly what they did for a new Converse trainers ad coming soon, video and all – because I need more music I love whored out all over television.

Santogold, however, obviously disagrees. "It's like one of the main ways to get our music heard now,” she told Gigwise about attaching her likeness to a brand name, and who obviously lives in a world where touring, word-of-mouth and MySpace don’t exist. “Everybody on it does there own separate thing and we didn’t do it together so it ends up being just this weird long song with sort of everybody with lots of their own personalities separate,” she says of the song adding that it’s “such a Pharrell track.” I hope that means Casablancas’ raspy, rocker voice get laid out on a loop of dancey deep bass rhythms while Santogold breathes her animated Nelly Furtado-esque vocals over Pharrell’s infamous, yet addicting over-production. Should be interesting.

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