I know, I know, you’re dying to see Superbad, the upcoming teen comedy about two high school buds coming to terms with their separation anxiety. The film’s written by Seth Rogen and produced by Judd Apatow, who both worked together on another little release this year called Knocked Up. If that’s any indication, laughs are destined to be had.

But what about the film’s soundtrack, you ask? Well, according to a press release from Cornerstone Promotion, the comedic fluid will bleed over to the new compo, bringing in some classic and new funk to best convey the apprehensive nature of its teenage characters.

For a listen to some of what the soundtrack, due out Aug. 7, has to offer, check out this MySpace page here.

As for what the press release had to say about the soundtrack: "At Superbad's infancy the combination of 60's-70's Funk, R&B, and even Blaxploitation, had already been established for the film's musical makeup as written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The producer and director, Judd Apatow and Greg Motolla loved the juxtaposition of these two white high school kids and this funky music; it just worked on a myriad of levels.

"The composer, Lyle Workman and music supervisor, Jonathan Karp agreed that the original music be as authentic as possible in order to sound as soulful and greasy as the songs and score music that had been temped in as inspiration."
And so forth.

Hey, if its own press release says it’s good, it must be. Right?

Here is the tracklisting for the Superbad soundtrack:

01. Super What? - Lyle Workman
02. Too Hot To Stop - The Bar-Kays
03. Seth Pulls Into Lot - Lyle Workman
04. Cops See Fogel's ID/ Seth Saves Evan - Lyle Workman
05. Do Me - Jean Knight
06. Flashback Party Weekend - Lyle Workman
07. P.S. I Love You - Curtis Mayfield
08. Evan Runs - Lyle Workman
09. Sleeping Bags - Lyle Workman
10. Like A Pimp - Lyle Workman
11. Here I Come - The Roots f/ Malik B. & Dice Raw
12. Seth Runs On Track - Lyle Workman
13. Bustin' Out (On Funk) - Rick James
14. Evan's Basement Jam - Lyle Workman
15. Roda - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
16. Goldslick/Seth Fantasy - Lyle Workman
17. Soul Finger - The Bar-Kays
18. Funk McLovin - Lyle Workman

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