The Chinese calendar defined most of 2007 as the year of the Fire Pig. Bullshit, I say. Bullshit. 2007 was the year of the reunion. Long-awaited reunions, mediocre reunions, Anarchistic reunions, even one-hit wonder reunions. Band members veered apart, splintered off into solo mediocrity and than Kriss Krossed back, traipsing across the country with their original drummers. Apparently, even at fifty, getting serviced by nineteen year olds with repressed daddy issues in a Cleveland motel room is better per diem than a hundred bucks and a novelty ‘World’s Best Employee’ mug from the assistant manager at Costco.

The following is a short rundown of the five most exciting reunions of 2007. I have attempted to distance from my own fandom, in order to be somewhat objective, but anyone whose ever claimed to remove all personal feelings and biases is a liar and probably works for a cable news outlet. So, without further ado, here are the five bands I’m most glad gave it another shot...

5) The Spice Girls: Arguably the second most publicized reformation of the last twelve months, Posh, Baby, Scary, Sporty, and Ginger announced their tour intentions in late June. Their first London show sold out in less than forty-five seconds, and they’ve been making fans zigazig ha for the last couple months. I’m not sure what’s more entertaining: the five girls singing or watching from a distance as they cattily call each other out-of-shape. Who am I kidding? It’s clearly the latter.

4) Van Halen: Van Halen is the quintessential American family. Break-ups, booze, pent-up rage, occasional flings with more desirable lead singers, rehab. You name it, Van Halen has probably done it. Twice. Every few years, rumors of a Roth reunion begin to surface, but the goof usually spoils any good will by spitting on Eddie or making outrageous accusations. Thankfully, this series of gigs came to fruition, and the group is delighting nostalgic 80s fans everywhere.

3) The Police: Rolling Stone’s 70th greatest band of all-time was actually one I never thought would reunite. Sting was living a pretty comfortable life in the solo realm and seemed uninterested in ever playing with Copeland or Summers again (save a few songs at his wedding and their Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction). But earlier this year, rumors began circulating that the trio would reunite. Sure enough, they did and fans were more than willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for tickets.

2) Rage Against The Machine: Unlike the other four groups on this list, Rage Against The Machine may actually still have more worthwhile compositions to give to society. The politically active foursome has yet to announce plans for a new album, but getting Tom and Zach back in the studio together would almost guarantee a fourth amazing album (Renegades doesn’t count). Besides, I think the world is sick of getting their socially conscious records from Green Day.

1) Led Zeppelin: How could this not be number one? Outside of a smattering of below-average performances, the third best band in history hadn’t played together since Bonham passed in 1980. I wasn’t able to see the leaked videos of their performance before they were removed from YouTube, but I’ve only heard rave reviews from all those who shelled out thousands to attend. The three remaining members have continued to cocktease the world with will-they-or-won’t-they press releases, but I’m pretty sure they’ll hit the road for at least one more tour.

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