Amy Winehouse is huge right now, that can’t be denied. She’s almost too huge, and is in some danger of overexposure. We get it: She’s loopy, she has an amazing voice and she has a bit of a drinking problem. Awesome. She’s certainly not the first crazy female pop singer to saunter onto the field of play, but she’s the first right now, or something like that.

Maybe it’s the tattoos, maybe the unabashed substance abuse. Whatever it is, something’s clicking with the indie kids and magazine publishers, and she’s spent this summer surrounded by a mostly flattering buzz that has scored her gigs at some of the year’s pre-eminent concert events.

We all have demons, though, and these seem to have gotten in Winehouse’s way last weekend. The singer was scheduled to appear at both the Oxegen and T in the Park festivals in the U.K. She had other plans, however, and backed out of both performances citing “exhaustion.” She was then photographed drinking in a pub after canceling. No better cure for exhaustion than a bunch of nice cold beers, right?

In response, one British bookmaking house found an opportunity too good to pass up.

NME reports that bookmakers William Hill are offering 1 to 2 odds on Winehouse showing up for her next scheduled performance, set for Tues., July 17, at The Eden Project in Cornwall, England.

“Amy has cancelled too many gigs for us not to give out odds,” said a William Hill representative. “The concert is next week, so she’ll have to sort herself out for that and I can’t see it happening.”

Those plucky Brits always know how to capitalize on celebrity misfortune. With as long as the culture has been around, they remain unimpressed by hot new things, waiting to pounce on the inevitable fall from grace (which Winehouse appears to be entering with relish). Some would call William Hill’s move crass, others hilarious.

All I have to say is 50 quid on a no-show. I realize that seems like a sucker’s bet, but she ditched out on two festivals to go drinking. Sometimes, you have to take the sure thing.

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