Would you pay good money to watch Guns N' Roses play live…sober? The band assumes you wouldn’t: they walked out on a show in Portland, Maine, last week when they found out about state liquor laws that prohibited them from drinking on stage.

According to NME, the band wanted to drink beer, wine, and Jagermeister while performing. A couple of hours after being told that would violate state law, the band cancelled the show. Without citing a specific reason for the cancellation, the band’s spokesperson blamed fire marshals in a press release for, "making it impossible for the band to perform their show to the usual high standards that their fans deserve."

Nothing says ‘quality’ and ‘unparalleled musicianship’ like the combination of wine and Jager. Axl Rose later released his own statement, apologizing for the walk-out, but blaming "these particularly Draconian authorities…it is a shame that what should have been a great night for all of us was not possible…"

For their part, the fire marshals take absolutely no responsibility for the cancellation. The law in question is state-wide, and also includes employees of establishments that sell liquor. "It’s been on the books for years," said Jeff Austin, supervisor of liquor licensing and inspection for the State Department of Public Safety. He and the fire marshals showed up in the afternoon—as the band looked over their pyrotechnics—to issue them the no-drinking order. The band, in turn, hit the road without playing.

At this point, it seems Axl Rose is looking for any excuse not to perform with the bastardized version of the band that made him famous. It’s not as if he has fans to spare at this point in his career, and childish actions like this are a big reason why. He’s lucky that classics like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City” are so damn catchy; otherwise, he’d be just another washed-up, egomaniacal, ghastly Botox victim with ridiculous hair, who used to be relevant.

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