Like Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” or Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt”, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is a wonderful song taken to stunning new levels of greatness by another artist. Jeff Buckley was a complete unknown when he covered “Hallelujah” more than a decade ago, and the now deceased singer has been deified in certain circles for his whispery, morose take on Cohen’s classic track. Now X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is attempting to bottle the lightning a third time and if the British charts are any indication, she’s done quiet well for herself.

According to NME, Alexandra Burke’s almost gospel version of “Hallelujah” has topped the UK Singles Chart with Jeff Buckley’s take shooting to number two and Leonard Cohen’s original placing thirty-sixth. Making the situation even more of a head-scratcher, neither Buckley nor Cohen’s versions were newly released on CD or vinyl. The staggering rise in sales were all from paid online downloads.

Many like to chastise young people for being unknowledgeable buffoons who soak up everything the radio delivers and maybe rightfully so, but sometimes it takes a new generation’s take on an old standby to make everyone appreciate just how truly great the original is.

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