Blink-182 once crooned ,“Noone should take themselves so seriously.” Apparently, that advice only applies to fans, as Travis Barker has filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Energy Drinks for using his image without consent. Really, Travis? If Mountain Dew wants to photograph me sucking down that sweet sperm-killing nectar, they can go right ahead. After all, you were photographed drinking Rockstar. It’s not like Preparation H photoshopped some lotion into your hands and put it on a billboard.

According to Billboard, the litigation aims to recover both punitive and statutory damages. Here’s an idea: if you were seriously offended by the use of your picture, why not contact Rockstar and ask executives to take it down? I highly doubt they wouldn’t have complied immediately. Sadly, I already know how this will end. An out-of-court settlement will be reached within a few weeks, and both parties will part company, never to speak of this lawsuit again. What a waste of time.

I think Travis is still wearing grouchy pants from his bitter break-up with Blink-182. I’d be pretty upset if I had to listen to Tom DeLonge talk about his own awesomeness on a daily basis, but eventually you just have to move the fuck on. Honestly, Travis, you have a hot wife, a huge house, and a sweet new band in +44. Just smile and stop taking yourself so seriously.

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