What do you get when you cross a flourishing white rapper and a veteran tattoo-clad rock drummer? I have absolutely no idea, but hopefully, Travis Barker’s collaboration with Paul Wall will point me in the right direction.

According to MTV.com, Paul Wall's next album is "going to have more of a rock edge," thanks to producer Travis Barker.

Wall, whose second full-length album Get Money, Stay True was released earlier this year, will be working with Barker on this endeavor. The two are already in a hip-hop group together called Expensive Taste along with rapper/vocalist Skinhead Rob, formerly of the rap rock group, Transplants.

"Paul usually stays around the same element," Barker told MTV News in Las Vegas while he was in town for the VMAs. "Most of the Houston stuff is slow and real feel-good. This has faster tempos. Still feel-good, but it'll be different for Paul."

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