Possibly the most well-known phone number among music fans, especially those raised during the 1980s, is 867-5309--you know, Jenny’s digits.

These seven numbers became famous in 1982, thanks to the Tommy Tutone classic. Now, 25 years later, it’s still etched in our minds. And, apparently, the minds of a couple of plumbers.

According to MSN, in a piece of news that’s stranger than fiction, two plumbing companies are duking it out over use of the number. Two years ago, Gem Plumbing & Heating of Lincoln, R.I., trademarked 867-5309 after its original owner, Brown University, handed it over after tiring of prank calls. The number works in the 401 area code in Rhode Island, as well as the 617 area code in southern Massachusetts.

But Clockwork Home Services in Florida, another plumbing company, uses a toll-free version of the number in New England and wants exclusive rights. Gem won round one of the legal fight, but something tells me there will be many more rounds to come.

I don’t know what’s funnier--that people still remember this silly song, that people are still calling the number or that it’s two plumbing companies, of all things, that are dying to have it.

Either way, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and with any luck, a few people will stroll into their local record store and pull the Tommy Tutone album from the back of the shelves. I doubt the singer would mind that, but he does find this whole thing pretty silly. “It’s ridiculous,” he told the Boston Globe. “If I wanted to get into it, I could probably take the number away from both of them.”

Beats sending them both to their rooms.

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