Paris Hilton just can’t catch a break these days. Though she’s currently doing hard time for past transgressions the hotel money couldn’t take care of, it appears her poisonous touch is starting to rub off on business associates as well. In this case, even those who cut ties with her long ago on account of her complete lack of talent.

According to Yahoo! Music, the Sparta Florida Music Group is suing V2 Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music, and Hilton’s songwriter/producer for $500,000 in damages in London’s high court.

Sparta Florida is suing on behalf of UB40 (welcome back to the limelight, fellas!) with regard to Hilton’s 2006 song “Stars are Blind.” The band claims the song lifts heavily from its 1990 hit “Kingston Town” without proper acknowledgement (i.e., enough cash in the briefcase) and are taking action for breach of copyright law.

UB40’s song reached No. 4 in the U.K. when first released; Hilton’s single, her debut (and, not surprisingly, only single of note thus far), rose to No. 5 on the same chart last year.

Hilton has since been dropped from Warner Bros., so she isn’t being sued directly. That honor belongs to everybody else that had anything to do with the song in question. Sparta Florida plan to use information available on the Internet as well as the expertise of a musicologist to prove their side of things.

While Paris sits like Buddha in that 10-foot cell, stewing in solitary, no doubt confused as to what lesson she’s supposed to be learning in that drab outfit, she better think long and hard about what she did. Stealing from UB40 like that. The guys behind “Red Red Wine” deserved better.

And they’re about to get paid because of it.

It sure ain't easy being wealthy, stupid, loose and talentless.

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