Yesterday afternoon, we speculated, along with a handful of other news outlets, that guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen’s “medical tests” may have been a vague, obvious cover-up to hide a possible rehab stint. Unfortunately, it looks as if our somber prediction may have been right.

According to both Perez Hilton and The National Enquirer, Eddie has checked himself into a drug rehabilitation center in San Antonio, Texas after a bitter argument with his seventeen year old son and bandmate Wolfgang. The tour is still expected to restart on the 19th of April in Las Vegas, and band members have pledged to make-up all cancelled gigs.

Here’s to hoping Eddie Van Halen can fight off the booze and end his decades of addiction. I’ve embedded the video for “Panama” because, well, it’s outrageous and pretty much captures why millions will fondly remember both David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen.

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