Notoriously unreliable rockers Van Halen have cancelled four performances on their current tour. The announcement, which came out of nowhere, was issued last night, prompting many insiders and fans to speculate Roth and Eddie had once again fallen out. Not so, says an insider in the Van Halen camp. Great. I’d normally write off the ramblings of some drugged up roadie, but I’ll take the word of this secretive, burned out guitar technician over David Lee Roth’s incoherent musings any day.

According to Billboard’s anonymous source, the tour will continue on March 11th, and all nixed gigs will be made up eventually. The currently scheduled string of dates run through April 25th; so, there’s still plenty of time to hear “Runnin’ With The Devil” before the multi-platinum group pack it in and break-up for another two decades.

Here’s the “Hot For Teacher” music video because well, despite all David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen’s issues, this song is still worth remembering...

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