Finally burying the hatchet after over two decades of doubtlessly thinking evil thoughts of each other over many beers, feisty hair-metal ninja David Lee Roth and the Van Halen brothers put their first joint tour in 22 year to bed Tuesday, raking in $93 million and busting the band’s previous revenue records, Reuters reported Thursday. Are we surprised? Yes, yes we are.

Despite Roth’s earlier prediction of a NASCAR-wreck-like brawl should the former band mates meet up again, things apparently went well. The tour kicked off on September 27, getting off to a rocky start with guitarist and 400-fingered Roman god Eddie Van Halen checking into rehab and postponing 17 dates. But after 74 arena shows, solid reviews and a few decent-looking tour photos like the one above, the Van Halen train ground to a halt in Grand Rapids, MI amid hopeful banter about things continuing in a normal, non-implosive fashion. Let’s hope they keep that mentality, and let’s hope Roth doesn’t try to recall the long-hair look. Party on, Wayne.

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