Vanilla Ice – the music industry’s most notorious bane of existence – spent the night in jail for smacking a hoe. I mean, for simple domestic battery after his wife called police to report he was hitting and kicking her. The Palm Beach Post reports Ice, nee Robert Van Winkle, was arrested two blocks from their South Florida home on his motorcycle, on which he took off to cool down since the couple had been fighting since the previous day. Hey – you people ever try the silent treatment?

He claimed she had thrown a picture frame that shattered near him and their two children during the argument. He denied pushing his wife, blaming her bipolar disorder for the episode. When police arrived, wife Laura retracted her initial version of the story, resorting to only admitting that he pushed her and that she wanted a divorce. "He started yelling at me for going out to buy a bedroom set. in front of my daughter," wife Laura told a deputy of the man who once took a baseball bat to the set of an MTV show. A bedroom set? That sounds serious. I wonder what happens when she burns the pot roast.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Ice has been taken in for battery. He was also arrested in 2001 for pulling his wife’s hair during an argument in the car, to which he gave police a nearly identical mugshot. I wonder where these events rank under Ice’s colorful past. Maybe right below getting hung by his ankles from a hotel balcony by Suge Knight? This guy’s got stories.

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