While talking to students at the W.O. Smith Nashville Community Music School on April 3, renowned country singer Keith Urban, he of silky, flowing locks, came out and declared music his own personal Jesus.

"Literally, music has saved my life. It's been the guiding force and the faith in my life. It's kept me going. It's the reason I came half around the world to follow my dreams and pursue my destiny," he gushed to an engrossed crowd of students and supporters.

Everyone was there not just to get a glimpse of the country sensation but to aid the aforementioned school, which provides music lessons to kids from poor families.

Urban has had a tough time recently with fighting addiction and bopping in and out of rehab. Still, there's a silver lining: He has called his decision to marry Nicole Kidman (who is seriously due for another good movie) "the best thing I have ever done." Let's just say the guy is feeling a bit spiritual lately.

Hey, beats feeling hungover.

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