The entertainment section of Sunday’s Los Angeles Times (full article here) found Jack White pondering the future of the White Stripes after drummer Meg’s sudden illness caused the band to cancel their 2007 tour supporting their latest record Icky Thump. Though much of the article focused on the Stripes’ latest non-musical effort, customized red and white Holga cameras being sold through their website, White did comment on the band’s prospects as a touring act: “Well the Beatles did it [stopped touring]. I’m joking but if we didn’t ever tour again it doesn’t matter to me…There’s so many different aspects to being creative that it doesn’t matter if one component is changed. Because it’s been changing all the time since the band started.”

News flash, Mr. White: your band is not the Beatles and it is not your job to help Holga sell cameras. Your job is to make us rock out, and judging by the sales of your last record, you’re not doing your job. Even at their most self-indulgent, the Beatles kept the focus on what mattered: the music. So stop wasting time on glorified vertically integrated merchandising schemes and mediocre side projects like the Raconteurs and instead funnel your creative energy back into the Stripes’ music, which has been sucking as of late. If anything good can come out of Meg’s aversion to touring, it’s that maybe you will be forced to stop making excuses for your poor output and head back to the garage for a full reassessment. Now that’d be a refreshing “change”, wouldn’t it?

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