You might know him as the “other” Beach Boy, the one who usually didn’t sing. At first, drummer Dennis Wilson was in the band mostly because Brian and Carl’s mom told them to let him in. He was the outcast, then through some strange twist of fate, the sex appeal of the Beach Boys. Though not quite keeping up with the microphone activity of his two brothers and cousin, he was the only one who actually surfed. His beard was like a living thing.

Dennis’ solo career consisted of one album, Pacific Ocean Blue, which, like the drummer himself, ended up turning into a huge cult favorite. On its 1977 release, it received glowing reviews by critics for its emotional depth, and was so in demand that original copies of it supposedly sell for $200 or more. There was even a solid decade when a copyright dispute kept the album out of stores, making copies of it rarer than moments of stability within the band itself.

So, to the excitement of disc collectors and wave-catching baby boomers, the album is being reissued, complete with unreleased tracks, NME reported Friday. The re-release will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the drummer’s 1983 drowning death at Marina Del Rey, near Los Angeles. And to the excitement of the younger, less historically savvy quotient of the masses, one of these unreleased tracks will feature the as-yet-unspoken vocal talents of another drummer, the Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins (who made quite the charming girlfriend in Michel Gondry’s video for “Everlong”) will provide the vocals for “Holy Man,” a track Wilson had left unfinished. How did this happen, you ask?

It seems the original co-producer and co-writer of Pacific Ocean Blue, Gregg Jakobson, is a friend of Hawkins. Jakobson wanted to somehow put the missing vocal track on “Holy Man,” and turned to the Foo. “I always said: ‘Taylor, you sound just like Dennis,’” Jakobson said. Go figure.

“Taylor is just a natural,” Jakobson said. “He came in, he did the vocal within an hour and I really think he knocked it out of the park.” No word as to whether the Foo drummer was sporting a 4-inch-thick beard for the occasion. I know I would.

The disc is set for a June 9 release, when I expect it will probably fly off the shelves, again.

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