Whenever I read a story like this, I wonder how long it will be before someone will offer their daughter, temporary rule over a small nation, or the option of having history re-written for them over public Internet auction.

Selling a historical piece of equipment on eBay is one thing – after all, most celebrities have many pieces of equipment, and eBay is a fast, high-profile and attention-getting way to sell something that shouldn’t just sell for the price of a six-pack. It’s also an inclusive gesture, since most people I know can’t head on down to the high-roller auction house whenever they want. The Internet is a fair and efficient way to sell an Eric Clapton guitar pick, a pair of Michael Jackson’s gloves, or Oasis’ couch.

But there’s a line somewhere. I’m not sure where it is, but it just seems like it was crossed when the home of Johnny Cash’s parents became the latest high-profile item on eBay, along with collectibles including a Johnny Cash guitar, a locket containing photos of him and June Carter, various awards, and – if I read this right – his gold record for “I Walk the Line.”

The ranch was apparently put up for auction by family friend Floyd Robinson, who bought the home four years ago, but decided to sell it to move to Florida, the Associated Press reported Thursday. Starting price is $1.4 million, eBay MasterCard preferred.

It seems like this would be one of those times when you would want a nice velvet rope between the general public and an auction item like that. This is almost a landmark we’re talking about, and for the sake of keeping history intact, it should probably be handled carefully. What a nightmare if some Lamborghini-driving playboy snagged it to throw keggers there, or some charity organization threw down for it, only to put it back up a piece at a time to fund the Save-The-Sad-Eyed-Children-With-Flulike-Symptoms campaign.

As Mike Meyers told us with pinky to mouth, 1.4 million clams ain’t that much. For the sake of music-snobbering historical purists everywhere, I hope whoever chucks it knows what the hell they’re buying.

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