With the self-destructive state of the music business steadily continuing on its downward spiral, it seems the fledgling EMI Music Group has turned back the hands of time for profit. No, CDs aren’t climbing up the sale’s scale again just yet – despite my white-knuckling the over 300 alphabetized collection awaiting in my racks. It’s seems vinyl records are making a comeback. A rep for EMI/Capitol Records confirmed to Rolling Stone that they plan to re-issue their top 15 most popular albums on vinyl on August 19.

A Perfect Circle’s Mer De Noms, R.E.M’s Document, John Lennon’s Imagine and Jimi Hendrix’s alter-ego album Band of Gypsys are among the top choices. Radiohead and Coldplay discographies prior to each’s respective current albums are up for grabs on wax as is two Bob Seger albums, Wings’ Band on the Run and the Beach Boy’s highly regarded Pet Sounds. With vinyl sales on the rise –according to Nielson SoundScan, vinyl sales took a 100,000 jump in 2007 - price’s have been booked at $20-$30 a pop. Now, how about the return of those 8-tracks?

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