Since the release of the critically acclaimed Thirteen, Evan Rachel Wood has been something of a rising star. The twenty year old parlayed her initial success into more film roles including Running With Scissors, The Upside of Anger, and the currently in theaters Across The Universe. The later showcased her beautiful singing voice, so much so, that her boyfriend Marilyn Manson’s record label is looking to sign her.

According to Hollywood Insider, the deal isn’t quite official but an announcement could be forthcoming in the next few weeks. The talented actress has long expressed her love for music, but the catalyst for this potential deal must be Across The Universe. Look for her first record to vault over the astoundingly low bar set by previous cross-over Lindsay Lohan. Then again, that’s probably not much of a compliment considering Carl Lewis’ National Anthem was a step up from the coke addict’s crooning.

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