With a little love and some tenderness, Hootie and the Blowfish will lend their feel-good brand of sing-a-long pop/rock to benefit the Animal Mission. The one-off gig will take place in Columbia, South Carolina and all proceeds will go toward the charity’s preservation efforts. How special. I, personally, hate animals, but I’ve got nothing against people who like ‘em.

According to Yahoo, three of the band members are currently prepping solo discs, with the fourth likely spending his free time at trendy bars and wooing lonely housewives by telling them he played bass on “Only Wanna Be With You.” For some reason, there’s a lot of Hootie resentment going around, but their catchy up-beat riffs will always be okay with me. Plus, they’re pretty good golfers. You can’t go wrong there.

All three solo discs should be ready sometime later this year. Tickets are currently available for the March 15th charity gig.

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