While it appears Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas has botched her first attempt at solo grace, band mate will.i.am will now take his swing at independence. Billboard reports that Will is hitting the studio for his first solo record and to check the shelves for it sometime next year.

He is also lending a helping hand to rapper The Game for his new CD Doctor’s Advocate due out Nov. 14 by Interscope. The Game was apparently impressed with Will’s zest for music, saying "He rolls with a different type of people. I was nervous; I didn't know what to expect. But I got to know him in the studio, and he had fun just like everyone else. He loves music just like I love music. That was the bond and respect that we took from that studio session."

As if that hasn’t had Will busy enough, he is producing the new Nas album and has provided three tracks for Snoop Dogg’s next installment The Blue Carpet. Apparently the issue wasn’t finding one song to fit the Snoop Dogg Album, but which one? "I went through his catalog to see the kind of grooves he used to sample, to figure out why Snoop maybe gravitated to those arrangements. Then when Snoop comes [to the studio], you're like, 'Check it out. I've got eight songs from you to choose from."

Psst...the true talent behind The Black Eyed Peas is showing.

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