Slow motion for me. Move it slow motion for me. That’s it. Now, put your hands on your head and step out of the vehicle.

Multi-platinum rapper Juvenile was arrested yesterday afternoon after his vehicle was pulled over for having improper tags. A cursory search uncovered marijuana on the hip-hop star, and he was quickly arrested for possession. Who the hell saw that coming?

According to TMZ, the bust resulted in less than an ounce of grass; so, in this writer’s non-legally binding opinion, Juvenile is likely to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Good. I don’t think the world can continue to function with one more Ca$h Money Millionaire behind bars.

On a lighter note, I’m amused by this pot bust because without it, I might not have remembered “Back That Ass Up” existed for another five years. Life’s not worth living if you can’t hear Juve scream “Girl, you looks good” at least once a month. Here’s a copy of the video because well, this seems like a good time to watch ample-assed ladies back their thing up...

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