No, it’s not just a name-stuffed headline.

In an interview with The Quietus Monday, singer-songwriter Ryan Adams compared the latest Oasis release, Dig Out Your Soul, to Radiohead’s most experimental album, Kid A, saying the new Oasis material represents a new brand of music experimentation for the Manchester five-piece. If it is indeed so, it will be refreshing to hear the Brit-pop megabeast do something other than dry, loud, guitar riff-rock. Even if there’s no possible way they can approach Radiohead.

Quoth Adams, “The first time I heard Kid A I went ‘Ok, I have no fucking idea what kind of music this is, but it's moving me. It sounds like a revelation. That's what the new Oasis stuff sounds like. It sounds like they have entered into some strange uncanny spiritual crazy door and have just lost themselves completely to it, and it is marvelous.” About front man Liam Gallagher he added, “He is so abstract, I can't believe how far he's come.”

It remains to be heard whether this glowing admiration is due to a genuine parallel to the most innovative album of one of rock’s most experimental bands, or if it’s just a songwriter pouring rapture into a quote. But with 2005’s Don’t Believe the Truth branching out to involve songwriting and instrumentation from other band members besides Noel, it’s entirely possible that the release, due out October 6, could be a new skin for the band. It’s about four albums late, but I’m definitely curious.

And enough with all this Radiohead comparison, geez.

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