I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment. Every mentally competent, non felon over the age of eighteen should be able to own a gun. Call me a conspiracy nut, call me a recluse, hell, you can even call me Dr. Hodgins from Bones, but if our government collapses or some crackhead undesirable tries to break into my house, I’d rather be fiddling with the safety than dialing 911. That being said, I’ll still never quite understand gang bangers bringing their gats to fucking rap concerts. It’s just so unnecessary.

Surprise, surprise. There was a shooting outside the Hot Boys reunion concert in New Orleans. Three people, including two women, were knocked down in the haze of gunfire, though all are expected to survive. According to MTV, the gig was immediately cancelled, and Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G., and Mannie Fresh are coordinating possible make-up dates. Well played, incompetent assassin. I’m not sure who the intended target was, but how do you fire into a crowded ticket line and kill noone? That’s just poor marksmanship.

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