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CB Top 5: Songs For A Summer Car Ride

Woah Black Betty, Bam-A-Lam! It’s June 1st, the first day non-scientists officially begin thinking about summer, that three-month stretch of hot weather and hotter chicks when minivans full of snot-nosed kids invade all the best frisbee golf courses and the Cubs convince me this may, in fact, be the year

CB Top 5: Classic Songs With Terrible Lyrics

Grunge rock demi-God Kurt Cobain bore an entire generation with such poignant descriptions as An Albino/A Mulato/A mosquito/ My libido, and he meant it. Only, God knows what he meant. Here now are the Top 5 most beloved songs with the world's most thought provoking lyrics – probably inspired by an autistic, strung-out five-year old

Top 5: Sappy Love Songs

You can zealously keep the old, the tired, and the weary. I’ll cling to the hopelessly romantic, the pathetically love-struck, and the desperately sentimental. Sure, most of the time I’ll take John Lennon’s frenzied rantings about changing the world, but you know what, sometimes Sir. Paul McCartney and his silly love songs sooth in a mushy way I can’t begin to quantify

CB Top 5: Tunes For A Drunk Sing-A-Long

A few weeks ago, I challenged the Music Blend writing team to come up with the perfect list of songs for this evening’s staff New Year’s party. I was planning to get hammered and make sexually suggestive, borderline immoral comments to all the female employees, and I needed a nice backing soundtrack to drown out their outraged retorts. Unfortunately, I locked the writers inside my office (it’s the biggest), and they downed two pints of Jager

CB Top 5: Chick Lead Singers

In an effort to pinpoint the five best, I humorously locked all my writers in a dank storage room, blasting Yoko Ono noise pieces ad nauseam to speed up the process. One of the prisoners, err writers, hung himself after a particularly heinous Ono scream, but the remaining five escaped with their lives and an above-average list. Here’s what they came up with

CB Top 5: Overdose Or Alcohol Related Death

Unfortunately, defining the specific criteria was far easier than getting my opinionated and often times hard-headed writers to agree on who exactly was worthy of inclusion. In a fit of rage, I threw them all inside a dank World War I trench, with only their willfullness, a quill, and some papyrus. A few never made it out alive, but their passing was a worthy sacrifice for perfection

CB Top 5: Grunge Albums

For a near half decade period in the early 1990s, a pre-fabricated genre cleverly coined Grunge was sitting atop both the musical and fashion apexes of American society. Within a matter of months, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and several other prolific bands from the Northeast had supplanted Poison and friends as the epitome of cool. Suddenly, sadness was in. Spandex was replaced by ill-fitting flannel, and “Nothin But A Good Time” was shelved in favor of “Rape Me”

Top 5: Rock N Roll Fights

The excess of rock n roll stars is legendary. Booze, women, drugs, and even lack of sleep are all taken to staggeringly new heights, but arguably, the juiciest piece of celebrity gossip is the fight. I personally haven’t thrown a right cross since first grade so, I’m forced to live vicariously through my alpha male friends and various celebrities. Sadly, fisticuffs involving musicians are a rarity

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