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Rant: Why Do People Love Sublime?

Will someone please explain to me any of the following: A) Why everyone who likes Sublime assumes they’re the only person in a thirty mile radius who has ever heard of the band? B) Why Sublime is treated like auditory Valium? C) Why they inspire such reverence when they’re just a poor man’s Sugar Ray?

Rant: Why Tom Petty's Not Quite Dead Yet

It’s not that I believe Tom Petty has lost all songwriting skills. Let’s face it, Tom was never the greatest song writer. But, juxtaposing Tom Petty’s voice with Mike Campbell’s guitar rifts is like having sex between Egyptian cotton sheets—it may not be the most technically astounding collaboration, but it sure fucking feels good. So, when I heard that Mr. Petty would be playing the annual half-time show during the Superbowl this year, I did not brush the occasion off as another year of wretched boob flashes or weird ensembles

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