Fun, fun, fun. After years of litigation, members of the greatest American band of all time have settled their disputes, reportedly departing the courthouse as friends. Could this pave the way for a long-awaited Beach Boys reunion? Please, Jeezus, please.

According to Billboard, lawyers from all three surviving members were on hand, along with Mike Love and Al Jardine. Terms of the agreement weren’t made public, but at one point, Love and Jardine busted into an impromptu rendition of “Help Me, Rhonda.” If only things were this amicable between O.J. Simpson and Fred Goldman’s dad.

Here’s to hoping Jardine and Love hit up Brian Wilson with some text messages. I’d throw down more than a few dollars to see that mighty triumverate perform together again. In other news, Mike Love’s nephew, Kevin, is currently playing in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for prohibitive favorite UCLA. In typical juggernaut fashion, they rolled over their first round competition last night and should breeze by Texas A&M tomorrow evening.

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