Modern Guilt

Due: July 8, 2008
Label: DGC/Universal
On The Road: Thoughout Europe this summer, returning back to the States with Spoon, MGMT, Cold War Kids and Band of Horses as openers in variation this fall.

Gamma Ray
Modern Guilt
Soul of a Man
Profanity Prayers

Remember this loser, baby? One such shaggy haired guero had everyone doing their best white boy break dance back in 1994. Feared to be a one-hit-wonder in an world of “Here Comes the Hot Stepper” and “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm,” Beck prevailed with an even bigger hit in 1996 with Odelay, scoring him the first of two Grammys. After foreshadowing Global Warming with “The New Pollution” and debuting his “Devil’s Haircut” while strolling through Coney Island, Midnight Vultures, and Sea Change continued his successful string of albums. The last we’ve heard of this LA-based ultra-privy Scientologist was back-to-back efforts from Guero and The Information, whose tour saw Beck performing as a puppet.

Pitch Patrol:
Enlisting the help of über producer Danger Mouse – think Jay-Z’s Grey Album and Gorillaz’s Demon Days – Beck, who has helmed his tenth studio effort, admitted to Rolling Stone that the album was the ”most intensive work I’ve ever done on anything.” The announcement of the album came as a surprise last month amidst hopes Beck was pushing for new material to see the end of his recording contract. In addition to Danger, who is also one half of Gnarls Barkley, its been reported that Cat Power also makes an appearance on the disc. Expect some old-fashion 60s psychedelics along with signature acoustic twangs and bangs. Now streaming on is the tranquil omnipresence of “Chemtrails.” Sounds good so far, but I’ll keep my guard up for the Cat Power.

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