Blonde bombshell and occasional Tony Romo fan Carrie Underwood has had a pretty good week. Her single “All-American Girl” topped the country charts, and she celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday. Let the good times roll. Oh yeah, she’s also been invited to join the Grand Ole Opry, the Mount Olympus of redneck radio programs.

According to Billboard, the invitation was extended by borderline legend Randy Travis. She quickly accepted, and the induction ceremony has been scheduled for May 10th. Some of you fancy pants Northerners might not understand the appeal, but the Grand Ole Opry is more popular than Jesus (and Lennon) in certain parts of the country. My relatives listen to it with a blind devotion, not seen since Roosevelt’s fireside chats.

We here at Cinema Blend extend our congratulations to Miss Underwood but also, a stern warning. Don’t fuck with the Opry. Hank Williams was kicked out on his deathbed for disgracing the other members with his heavy boozin’. And no offense Carrie, but you’re no Hank Williams.

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