Cryo Bag
The Story Is Built On Hard Science Fiction
The genesis of Interstellar's story was a lecture given by project consultant and astrophysicist Kip Thorne, which suggested time travel as being possible through usage of a wormhole. Wormholes aren't the only "hard" science fiction concepts we're exposed to with this trailer. Specifically, we see the crew entering a sort of suspended animation, as they are submerged in liquid and preserved in plastic sleeping bags. It's a safe bet to assume that these are cryogenic preservation units that, when sealed, will freeze their inhabitants until they are reanimated. We also see the design of the spaceship, which is that of a traditional aerodynamic craft at the center of a centrifugal mechanism. If true, this means that this would be the ship's primary means of gravitational generation – thus allowing them to walk around on the inside without floating aimlessly. Both of these concepts would be key to making an extended length journey, in a scientifically grounded world where faster-than-light travel is not used as a storytelling shortcut.

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