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Tuesday provided us with plenty of Spider-Man news, including the lack of J. Jonah Jameson and new photos from the set. We also posted the first video from the production, however, it was poorly shot and our friendly neighborhood webslinger was barely visible. Today we get an upgrade.

YouTube user cfreema7 has posted a video taken from the rooftops of LA that appears to be the same scene that we saw on Tuesday, but with a much better look at our new, fully garbed Spidey. Chasing down a pick-up truck, Spider-Man sprints, runs into a cop car, recovers and then manages to catch up to the the fugitives he's chasing before flipping over the gate and into the truck bed. It's a pretty cool scene, though i do have to wonder why he wouldn't use his webs in a situation like this (perhaps he's run out of webfluid?)

Check out the video below.

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