I honestly knew it had to be coming. With Hasbro toys behind two of this year’s big budget action pictures, a crossover seemed inevitable, especially considering a comic book crossover has happened in the past. Paramount and Hasbro have confirmed that we will see a little piece of G.I. Joe within Transformers 2, and that there will be more than meets the eye in the world of the Joes.

”Marvel really set the stage for how a crossover could be done theatrically,” a Paramount rep admitted. ”The Nick Fury cameo in Iron Man was cool, but seeing Stark show up in Hulk? That really gave a sense of how the world of the heroes was connected. We want to show the same thing with our characters.”

So what form will a Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover take? For one the studio plans to be a bit subtle. For the other, a bit less so. G.I. Joe hits theaters first, so the movie will be used to set up the bit. In a briefing session, Dennis Quaid’s General Hawk will mention something about vehicles changing into massive robots in what appears to be a throwaway line. The payoff will come at the end of the month, when we see a team of the Joe characters show up in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, arguing with Tyrese’s returning character about the best way to handle an ongoing battle between the giant transforming robots.

Is this a cool idea? We’ve certainly heard of stranger ones, but then again, it is the day of fools, so you probably knew this kind of story would pop up. And knowing is half the battle!

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